Gravel and block paving driveways are an elegant addition to your home. However over a period of time they can become choked with weeds,   block paved surfaces in particular develop a lattice of moss growing in the sand joints, making them a slippery and unsightly welcome to you home. Larger common weeds will push pavers up from the bedding layer damaging thestructure of your driveway or path.

Verdant can treat your driveways, paths and patios with an active moss killer and selective weed control, excellent results are achieved quickly and very inexpensively.  Spraying at this right time every year will restore your driveways and patios returning them to a neat and tidy finish that you enjoyed when new.

Jet washing is often used as an alternative, however this just spreads the spores of the moss, thus ensuring further green coverage of the driveway the following year, Jetting removes the fine sand from between the paver joints.  It is then necessary to replace this at some additional cost to the cleaning.