Lawn Scarifying & Aeration.

Verdant Lawn Care would like to encourage you to remove the moss from your Lawn in 2017 improving aeration and surface drainage and the overall health of your lawn. 

Our lawn scarification is quick, affordable, and highly effective.

It is important that thatch is not allowed to build up as it has a damaging effect on any lawn weakening the grass, encouraging moss and disease. Scarifying is the physical process of removing thatch from the lawn. Verdant Lawn Care have powered machines which scarify much more  efficiently than hand raking. Several vertical metal blades revolve at high speed, as the machine is pushed along the lawn. The blades can be set at various heights from the surface and consequently take out various amounts of thatch etc. As well as removing thatch and dead moss the blades also prune the shoots of the grass plant encouraging stronger growth.

Scarifying is very vigorous and more effective than raking or using an electric lawn rake. Scarifying pulls the dead moss and thatch out of the lawn. Be aware in the short term it makes the lawn look far worse before it recovers. It is important to schedule scarifying so that it is followed by the appropriate weather conditions that assist the lawn with its recovery. Never scarify without previously applying moss control 2/ 3 weeks in advance. If you scarify without applying moss control you are spreading moss spores across your lawn. Verdant Lawn Care will advise you when your lawn requires scarifying but most every lawn benefit from scarifying at least every 1 - 2 years depending on soil and weather conditions.


PRICE GUIDE - FOR 2018 SEASON. Subject to access and local conditions.

 LAWN SIZE m2              LIGHT SCARIFY           HEAVY SCARIFY                        AERATION

up to 50m²         £40                                       £55                                      £35

up to 75m²         £60                                       £80                                     £40

up to 125m²       £70                                       £95                                     £55

up to 150m²        £85                                       £105                                    £65

up to 175m²        £90                                     £120                                    £75

up to 200m²        £105                                    £140                                    £80


Differences in scarification.

Light scarification - operator and machine will go over your lawn in one direction, one pass.  Moss and thatch removed would be bagged left on your premises for your disposal.  We do not dispose of the thatch removed from your lawn, it is your responsibility.

Full / Heavy scarification & Aeration - operator and machine will go over in one direction, followed by a second pass to remove further moss and thatch. We then aerate / spike your lawn.

Customers are required to cut the lawn before scarification,  we remove more moss and thatch if the grass is short.

 NB - Timing of scarification.

Verdant advise scarification should be carried out at the end of the Winter / Early Spring ready for warm wet spring weather.  Early Autumn at the end of the summer ready for warm wet autumn, mild winter weather.  If your lawn has lots of moss requiring heavy scarification it will look bare and brown for several weeks/months depending on season and may take longer to recover.  We will then over seed, a little tlc by the householder is required and generous watering to ensure germination.  A scarified lawn requires a minimum of 8 weeks warm wet weather to recover. Lawn owners are usually prepared to have a poor looking lawn over autumn / winter allowing the grass to recover ready for the following spring / summer. Continued Moss control will be required until the lawn is fully established.