The overall condition of the area in your garden,  where you are proposing to lay turf, will create various cost implications when considering laying new turf. Existing uneven areas full of deep rooted invasive weeds,  will require a herbicide (weed killing) treatment, prior to levelling with top soil.  Top soil will add an additional charge,  based on the quality of and quantity of soil needed.  An important and sometimes costly consideration is access to the garden.  If there is no direct access, requiring all materials to be handled through the house, or neighbours garden as is sometimes the situation, there will be additional labour costs included.

Laying new  turf costs are affected by the quality/grade of the turf chosen. You may want standard “multi-purpose” grass for everyday use.  If your garden is shaded you may need a shade tolerant variety. There are premium turf  ranges, used on golf courses or in grass tennis clubs.  It will depend on your requirements and of course your budget.

Approx. 50 sq mtrs - Turf (supply only) costs are within the following bands, depending on season and Turf supplier (use as a quide only).

Standard grade turf cost: £165 inc VAT, delivered.

Shade resistant turf cost: £345 inc VAT, delivered.

Premium range turf cost: £375 inc VAT, delivered.

Lawn preparation work will involve the following

  • Weed Control / Treatment.
  • Stripping the old lawn.
  • Levelling to remove large stones.
  • Tread in soil and add new top soil (optional).
  • Add feed.
  • Roll out turf and plank it (press down on turf to prevent air pockets).

Necessary aftercare of New Turf.

The first few weeks are the most important, it is imperative that the turf is watered daily or if it’s summertime – twice a day for the first three weeks. This prevents the turf rolls from shrinking, resulting in gaps between each roll.

Only when the roots have fully taken hold into the sub-soil can watering frequency be reduced ( pull on the turf to determine if the roots have reached into the ground ).